Thoughts On Proprioceptive Feedback

The literature: Spatial Updating Of Self-Position And Orientation During Real, Imagined, And Virtual Locomotion (1998) For efficient navigational search humans require full physical movement but not a rich visual scene. The research done by Klatzky, Loomis, et al. as well as that of Ruddle and Lessels both indicate that proprioceptive feedback is a crucial factor… Read More »

Design Constraints Are Awesome

While reading some material recently I was particularly struck by a correlation between the sentiment of “designing for monochrome first” (for color deficient users) and the design movement termed “Mobile First”. In both cases, the designer aims to build their interface elements such that the largest % possible of users will have accessibility to the… Read More »

Thoughts On Medical Decision Making

Original article by Jerome Groopman We all fall victim to habitual behaviors, and more so when we are unable to focus sufficient attention on tasks at hand, believing (consciously or unconsciously) that we can accomplish some process or task without conscious thought, instead thinking about ‘more pressing’ matters. What is more difficult to detect are… Read More »

Using Vision To Think (a nod to Stuart Card)

In an HCI class I’m taking currently, we’re studying the cognitive science behind the long human history of visual-spatial displays. We’re talking caveman drawings up to the latest in Minority Report-style virtual interactive displays – fun stuff!! Here’s an article to soak up if you’re interested in this kind of stuff: The Cognitive Science of… Read More »

Notes from CodeStock 2014′s “Regular Expressions” presentation

Brian Friesen’s talk on Regular Expressions was probably my favorite of the conference. You gotta admire a guy who builds a regular expression engine to properly demo and train folks up on the ‘devil’s language’ (as I and others I’ve known have called it)… Folks that hate regex and those that live and breathe the… Read More »

Notes from CodeStock 2014′s “Angular Is Awesome” presentation

Josh walked us through building a simple Angular app, using the lessons learned from Wintellect’s recent dev and launch of a global enterprise software app. Angular is for AWESOME! Josh Carroll @jwcarroll The code directives – typically an attribute on an element ————————————————- ng-app ng-init (used to inject a title in his demo)… Read More »

Notes from GiantConf 2014′s “Building a Whole Team UX Design Team” presentation by Phillip Hunter

In his presentation on day two of GiantConf 2014, Phillip Hunter talked to us about “Building a Whole Team UX Design Team”. Here are my notes from his talk. Phillip Hunter – Building a Whole Team UX Design Team @designoutloud His belief is that in the UX community, team building is much like early… Read More »

Notes from GiantConf 2014′s “Embracing the Suck” presentation by Chris Harrison

In his presentation on day one of GiantConf 2014, Chris Harrison talked to us about “Embracing the Suck”. Here are my notes from his talk. Chris Harrison – Embracing the Suck – 10:45a Thursday, June 12 @cdharrison Embracing the Suck: Military phrase meaning to make the best of whatever situation you’re in.. Background: –… Read More »

Notes from GiantConf 2014’s RWD workshop with Brad Frost

In his RWD workshop this last weekend at GiantConf 2014 Brad Frost plowed through the history, current state, best practices and possible futures of the RWD philosophy/approach. Here are my notes from his talk. June 14, 2014 His experience: web on mobile for 4+ Responsive Design Patterns website and github ( & (older… Read More »