Day 8 – What Are You Worrying About?


I’m more prone to denial than worrying,  but if you pinned me down… I worry about global supply chains collapsing, about the increasing loss of trade knowledge (since it’s not being passed from master to apprentice these days because no one wants to do “blue collar work”)…   I worry that things will get really tough and most of the skills I and my peers have gained will be useless…  I worry that our crops will have no bees to pollinate them, and that people will become desperate for food and clean water- that desperate people will commit desperate acts and that few will be able to live in safety, let alone comfort.

I worry that we’re not saving enough for our kid’s education, and that even if we did, college will not be of much value to the employers when they join the workforce.

I worry that everyone will figure out if have no idea what I’m doing and I’ll be unemployable myself (or at least my imposter syndrome monkey worries about that).

I worry my loved ones will get sick or be involved in accidents, and that they’re spending too much time in front of the TV  (where ironically they’re less likely to fall in a volcano or step on a rattlesnake).

I worry i spent too long in some jobs and that I migot regret leaving others. I worry that my daughter is too much like me and that she won’t be enough like me (yes, at the same time).

I worry that I worry too much, sometimes.


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