Day 6 – The Person You Like and Why You Like Them


What an inspiring topic… (insert dry sarcasm here).  So, assuming I only like one person, and that there is only one reason I like them…

I will pick the obvious – I like my wife, Pattie. I have in fact for many years – though i didn’t pick up on how much she liked ME when we hung out before and during our college years… it wasn’t until I came home from college that we began seeing each other.

There are a lot of reasons I like her, but I don’t have enough room for all that… (brownie points?!?)   So just a few then:

She’s really organized… This may seem dry, but trust me – it keeps us from ruin. Left to my own devices I’d probably live in a mud hut with no power… I’m not good about paying bills on time. (ask the library).  She knows where everything is, and when things are due to be paid, returned, renewed, replaced. etc.

She’s kind of hot. Given that we pledged to a life together, it’s rather a good thing that I find her attractive 🙂   Dark hair, slender build mmm.

She’s well-read and intelligent: I can have conversations with this gal – over books we’ve read or mean to read, movies, tv shows, places we’ve been or wish to visit, and of course our kid… (duh)

She’s faithful: I have no fear of her straying.  A: that’s just not her B: she’d have to train up someone new from scratch, and she’s too practical for that.

She’s funny, and we’ve modified each other’s sense of humor over the years… this is funny in and of itself, but even moreso now that we see the edges of our daughter’s own sense of humor peaking out as it forms… wee bit sarcastic, wee bit dry, but with a super enthusiastic frivolity all her own.




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