5 Things That Annoy You About Other Men


1. Assuming that every single dude in the planet loves televised sports. And totally want to talk about it. Ad nauseum.

2. Behavior of bullies that never outgrew their need to put people down and convince themselves they’re macho.  Chumps.

3. I see more guys in trucks and Trans-Am type cars doing this than anyone else: flicking cigarette butts out the window while driving, or stopped at a light.  Keep it classy.

4. Abusive behavior of any kind. Verbal, mental, physical – it’s all unacceptable.

5. Stinky. Guys, let’s all take a shower.  Hot water and soap are our friends. Unless you’re in the outdoors for an extended period, read: camping etc.   Then the grime is a natural protective barrier and must not be removed.

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