Day 3 – What Kind of Person Attracts You


Well, I guess I can share about this – provided I’m not forced to choose “It’s complicated” for my relationship status soon after publishing…

Being a man, the easy answer is ‘females‘.   Being neither a teen or a grandfather, I’d narrow that down to women that aren’t children themselves or in the nursing home.

The truth though is that while my tastes have changed over the years, just as I have myself – there are some constants:

I’m sorry – if someone can’t be bothered to smile, laugh, giggle, or transmit deadpan glee with a straight face – then I’m not going to find them very attractive.  Sure a picture might paint them that way, but in person.. or even in video – one’s sense of humor and self of self come through and the lack thereof is a big turnoff.

The smarter someone is, the more attractive they are – as a general rule. I’m not talking book learning only here, note.  Living a tough life, and having to work hard to make it… traveling widely… having tons of interesting jobs or hobbies – these things tend to smarten ya up too.  Having things to talk about, showing that you are engaged in the world and observant of the world happening around you – these things are attractive to me.

As an artist, I appreciate anatomy. As a dude, I appreciate some more than others. But more than the latest trends, more than what the advertising of the world would have me think – I find simple fitness to be attractive… meaning someone that takes care of themselves and who strives to stay in good enough shape to enjoy the world around them to its fullest.

You’re not full of yourself, but also not super needy. You know you’re worth knowing, and worth working for

Beyond all that, I find few women that are SUPER tall or SUPER short to be all that attractive,  and tend to lean towards darker hair and colorfully-hued eyes.

Wifey got a pass on the brown eyes, but despite being the most pale Hispanic woman I’ve ever met, she checks off quite a few boxes: Funny, smart, fit, and dark hair 🙂   Sorry girls, I’m already spoken for.



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