Day 1 – Weird Things You Do When You’re Alone


As my lovely wife likes to say, I’m somewhat codependent. She works on cleaning out her office, I find myself drawn to tidying up as well, and so on. In this spirit I embark on a 30 day challenge to blog (just like she did), based on this list. Since I’ve never done that many entries in a row I suspect I’m doomed to failure – but it should be interesting nonetheless.


Day 1 – Weird Things You Do When You’re Alone

When I’m alone at home, I go one of two ways:

  1. I treat the house like my own personal Fortress of Solitude. I’m sensitive to noises, distractions, etc. and so sometimes when the house is empty I find myself able to focus more effectively.  Be it reading a book (particularly ones that take serious mental effort to follow), working on a project, or even just relaxing with television on the DVR or Netflix queue – the silence makes it easier to keep a higher fidelity mental model intact in my head and more fulfilling to experience.
  2. I dive into a frenzy of activity with no concern for potentially falling ladders, wet paint, sharp tools and implements lying around, hot beverages perched in inadvisable locations and music blaring loudly.  A fly on the wall might see me sprinting up and down the stairs, from one project to another in rapid fashion…(because who works on one project at a time, really?!? – ADD sufferer)

I always enjoy time alone at home, but after a while the quiet becomes TOO quiet.  The space becomes TOO empty, and I miss my gals.

When they come back though, I end up having to be all civilized – wearing pants and speaking out loud in complete sentences. Some days that’s asking a lot.

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